About East

The mission of East High School is to engage students in an active process of acquiring, analyzing, and applying information, in order to become productive citizens.

• Students learn best when they, their instructors, administrators, family, and community actively share the responsibility.

• Students learn best when they are in attendance and actively engaged in the learning process.

• Instruction should accommodate learning styles, provide technological support and apply knowledge to relevant situations.

• Assessment measures student knowledge and serves as a guide for development and evaluation of student performance as related to national, state and/or district standards.

Come on you East High Eagles,
You always fight; you always fight
Until you win

Come on you East High Eagles,
Not in the day, not in the night
will you give in.

Come on you East High Eagles
You‘re in the right; you‘ve got the
Might; they‘re in a spin.

Come on you golden Eagles firm and strong
and lead us to victory.

Come on you East High Eagles,
Let‘s soar up high into the sky to victory

Come on you East High Eagles.
The SPIRIT‘S here from year to year.
You‘ll win again.

Let‘s go you East High Eagles
or you‘re the best, you‘ll beat the
Rest, just wait and see.

Come on you GOLDEN EAGLES on your way
To win this game today.