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 Teacher Contact Information


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Elena Allen

Phone:  549-7727

RM:  11  


MYP Algebra 1

MYP Geometry


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Lori Cothran

Phone:  423-3917

RM:  10

Intro to Algebra 

IB Math Studies 1

Algebra 2 Honors

Google Classroom Codes will be sent to emails listed in Infinite Campus.

Kareen Lopez

Phone:  253-6240

RM:  16


Business Finance

MYP Geometry Honors

MYP Geometry

Math 108

Andrew Tafoya

Phone:  423-3968

RM:  13


MYP Geometry

MYP Algebra 1


Chad Arguello

Phone: 549-7729

RM:  15



IB Math Studies 2

MYP Intermediate Algebra 

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Department Chair

Rochelle Maes

Phone:  423-3918

RM:  9


MYP Algebra

MYP  Algebra 2

IB Pre Calc.


Access Ms. Maes' Web Page.

Mary Ruff

Phone:  423-3967

RM:  12


MYP Geometry

IB Math Methods 2

MYP Algebra 1

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