office contact information

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Office Contact Information


Andy Clementi

Phone: 719-549-7224


Pueblo East High Principal

Reina Montez

Phone:  719-549-7221   

Pueblo East High School

Assistant Principal

Elly Naill

Phone: 549-7246


Pueblo East High School

 Assistant Principal

Athletics and Activities

  Dora Davis

RM:  141

Phone: 719-423-3961

Pueblo East High

MYP & DP Coordinator

Theory of Knowledge  

Yolanda Gallo

Phone: 719-549-7224 

Principal's Secretary

Rachel Estrada

Phone: 719-549-7222

Attendance Secretary

Deneen Massey

Phone: 719-549-7232


Activities & Athletics Secretary

 Ruth Watkins

Phone: 719-549-7240