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EHS Diploma Course Outline for the  Syllabus Sequence (COMING SOON!)

IB Biology Core (Year 1)

IB Biology HL (Year 2)

IB Business & Mgmt. SL

IB Economics SL

IB World History (Year 1)

History of the Americas HL (Year 2)

IB Language A1: Literature (Year 1)

IB Language A: Literature HL (Year 2)

IB Language B Spanish SL

IB Language B French SL

IB Math Studies (Year 1)

IB Math Studies (Year 2)

IB Pre-Calculus (Year 1)

IB Math Methods 2 (Year 2)

IB Math HL 1 (Year 1)

IB Math HL 2 (Year 2)

IB Music Analysis SL

IB Physics Core (Year 1)

IB Physics HL (Year 2)

IB Psychology SL

Theory of Knowledge

IB Visual Arts SL (Year 1)

IB Visual Arts HL (Year 2)