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King Soopers

What:  Personal fundraising without selling!

Earn money for IB registration fees, IB exam fees, and other fees associated with being a student in the Diploma Programme that are paid through the school.  If you start using the King Soopers' Neighborhood Rewards Card your freshmen year, your funds can really add up!


You order a KS Neighborhood Rewards Gift Card from EHS for $5.00; the card will come with $5.00 preloaded on the card. Send $5 or a check made out to King Soopers with your order form.

You receive your gift card and use it at King Soopers (or any Kroger organization including Loaf and Jug) for any merchandise (not services) or any King Soopers or City Market Fuel Center.

When you run out of money on your Rewards Gift Card, you will reload it at King Soopers at the customer service desk FOR ANY AMOUNT up to $500.00. The gift card must be reloaded in a separate transaction prior to your groceries being scanned.

One time every four weeks, if we (EHS) have spent at least $5000.00, KS will send us 5% of our total purchases. If we do not reach $5000.00, the money will carry over into the next four week cycle.

YOUR 5% will be held for use for YOUR CHILD or FAMILY

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